Architectural Design

Inmobiliaria y Construcciones Genera S.A. de C.V., believes that the rationale of architecture is the human being, with defined dimensions and mobility. The needs of comfort should be adequately planned for those inhabiting the rooms and who will be using the objects in the interior, so their spatial and functional needs are satisfied. Genera is your partner for the development of architectural and executive projects, as well as to service photorealism (render) projects; and offers a solution for your architectural design needs.

Whether you already have a project in mind or not, we listen to your needs, advise, and we take care to develop a concept that would result in plans with the relevant technical information to achieve the final goal: project construction.

In this sense, Genera provides you with the services of planning, designing the architectural and executive project, and specialized consulting in materials, construction and engineering.

We offer the perfect combination of design-engineering, that during the development of architectural and exective projects, our architects and engineers in charge, work together to combine design, functionality and technology in the work.

We have remarkable experience in the northern states of Mexico; however, our services are available throughout Mexico.