About us

We are dedicated to designing and implementing action plans to provide specialized architectural services, advanced engineering and urban development, as well as providing personalized and unique treatment for each one of our projects.


Being the best option in the building industry by providing our customers with services of high quality construction, achieving the satisfaction and total confidence of our clients based on our teamwork, human potential, and continuous improvement.


To be a market leader in engineering and construction, recognized for meeting the commitments to our customers, offering the highest quality, and optimizing time and costs in construction and real estate services.


Inmobiliaria y Construcciones Genera S.A. de C.V., is committed to providing building services, implementation of works of urbanization, industrial and residential infrastructure through efficient management of construction resources such as strict compliance with commitments and expectations of our customers supported by our quality management system, aimed at continuous improvement.



Doing the job right the first time.


Respect the commitments of trust.


To satisfy commitments.


Working in coordination with all members of the organization to meet business objectives.


Speak the truth, be upright and truthful.


Fulfill the procedures established by the organization.

Quality Objective

  • To achieve customer satisfaction by executing quality work within set time frames and costs, reaching a score above 8.5 on the customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Continuously improve our processes supported by our quality management system, which will be reflected in that 100% of estimated construction progress are delivered on time and completed.

  • Integrate suppliers and subcontractors that meet the expectations of the organization since they are our key partners, which will influence the continuous improvement of service and will ensure that our works are completed on time and quality.