Architectural Design

Believes that the rationale of architecture is the human being, with defined dimensions and mobility. The needs of comfort should be adequately planned for those inhabiting the rooms and who will be using the objects in the interior

Commercial Construction

Our construction and design specialists will be responsible for all aspects of the initial estimation work and planning, in order to offer you a project with strict compliance of deadlines and commitments.

Industrial Construction

We create industrial buildings designed to facilitate the production, processing, manufacturing, assembly, storage and distribution of your company, with the premise of space efficiency, quality, and the reduction of delivery times.

Infrastructure and Urbanization

Execute urbanization works and infrastructure for industrial and residential developments through strategic planning, incorporating the most modern systems and resources for construction, and strict adherence to commitments.


All our equipment is in ideal conditions to highly competitive prices of revenue.

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Certificates, Memberships and Recognitions

ISO 9001:2008

Which give us a range of construction management processes from design , implementation , construction  or rehabilitation planning , development , monitoring , closing and delivery of industrial work and /or infrastructure.

LG-DG-02 Logotipo ISO 9001 ver.01

Affiliates CMIC

Members of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry.

supporting to achieve the comprehensive , sustainable development and increase the productivity of our businesses.


Cemex Award

Recognition awarded by Cemex in category Educational Cultural Building on our work Parque Niños Heróes.